All of Stockholm. Before 07:00 AM.

What we do, no one else can.

We reach nearly all inhabitants of Stockholm before 07:00 AM, seven days a week, all year round.

Ours is a unique distribution system. We visit almost every letter box in the greater Stockholm area. All thanks to all the people wanting their morning paper with their breakfast.

We distribute approximately 420.000 morning newspapers every day, to households, institutions, hotels and journal retailers. At the same time we deliver letters, periodicals and magazines, parcels and other items. Smart and combined distribution is what it is all about.

We can proudly say that Premo is a multi-cultural company, with employees from approximately 60 different nationalities. Every day shows us that having employees with different backgrounds makes our company even stronger.

We have 2.000 employees at present date. The large majority are distributors and thereby heroes of the night, working when nearly everyone else is asleep. Find more information on open positions and what it is like to work at Premo here.

Newspapers, periodicals and magazines

Other newspapers and magazines can profit from our unique distribution system. The trick is using economy of scale and using existing cars even better. Every morning we reach 880.000 households and 1.100 retailers in the greater Stockholm area.

Letters and mail

Our competitor Posten delivers post sometime during the working day, five days a week. We at Premo offer distribution before 07:00 AM – and most often even earlier than that. And we deliver mail on Saturdays and Sundays as well, something that we are the only postal operator in Stockholm to do. We have quickly become the postal operator with the second best coverage in Sweden.

Parcels and packages

We can include parcels and packages in our distribution structure, delivering to companies as well as private persons at a competitive price. Our promise is overnight delivery, delivered directly to the recipient’s postal box before 07:00 AM. Thereby saving the addressee the inconvenience of going to a local warehouse or terminal.

Available positions

Here is a link to the positions available at this moment. Available positions, as well as where those positions are stationed is constantly changing. The list of available positions is updated as soon as we have a new opening. Check back now and again!