Getting to know your colleagues. The first thing that happens as newly employed is an introduction programme. You will, in a practical and social way, be introduced to the actual work and our safety routines by one of your colleagues.

We work with preventive health care and all our employees are given the appropriate work equipment and safety equipment. Training in CPR and ergonomics are given at all work places. Distributors having worked more than 900 hours are offered financial contribution to purchase new work shoes.

After being employed for six months you are offered company healthcare, a preventive health allowance, and a voluntary group life insurance. Distributors working at least four nights per week are also offered a health check-up specifically designed for people working nights.


Distributors are offered renting cabins, at a discount price, in the vacation resorts Björnrike, Åre and Hunnebostrand.

This is offered through Stiftelsen för Tidningsdistributörernas Sociala Trygghetsfond – a foundation jointly founded by the workers’ union and the employers’ union, Swedish Transport Workers’ union and Medieföretagen. The goal of the foundation is to improve the social conditions for distributors.

Read more about the offer here: (Swedish only)